What Diseases Can Be Cured With Cannabis?

After quite a bit of struggle, cannabis is finally being accepted as a plant that contains medicinal properties. It’s still considered a Schedule I drug and is compared to heroin or cocaine, but many users and researchers who have witnessed the medicinal effects of the herb disagree. Cannabis has been used to cure diseases for a long time, but the acceptance has only come now.

Although marijuana can’t be assessed as the ultimate magic cure for every disease, it certainly helps to at least alleviate the symptoms that tag along with the disease. Let’s take a look at the diseases cannabis can help with:

  • Cancer

Cancer is deadly and brutal, especially because the disease and treatment are both painful. Chemotherapy is used to kill cancer cells, but the biggest disadvantage is that it kills everything including the good and the bad cells. Just like a plant with a weak immune system withers and dies, the human body is weakened further due to chemotherapy.

Although many patients claim that medical marijuana has cured them, we’re still far away from proving that cannabis can actually cure cancer; however, cannabis can reduce the pain that comes after chemotherapy. It can reduce nausea, increase the appetite and some studies also state that it kills cancer cells. A few other studies on mice show that THC improves the impact of radiation on the cancer cells.

  • Depression

A study on rodents showed the effects of endocannabinoids on our system. In the study, researchers found that cannabis increased the endocannabinoids in the body that had reduced dramatically during periods of stress. Similarly, the levels of endocannabinoids decrease even in the human body when we experience stress, which is one of the main causes of depression.

An endocannabinoid deficiency can wreak havoc on the human body since it regulates many processes including reproduction, but since Marijuana possesses THC, it restores the endocannabinoids in the system and reduces the stress.

  • Anxiety

Just like depression decreases the production of endocannabinoids, anxiety also does the same and weakens a person’s ability to deal with stressful situations. Yes, some people report that they feel anxious after they smoke marijuana because their brain reacts in a different way to cannabis, but the percentage of people benefiting from smoking the herb is much higher.

Anxiety can also weaken the brain cells, but CBD helps to regenerate damaged brain cells by acting on serotonin receptors found in our body.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a tricky one for the scientific community because the cure is unknown. Alzheimer’s disease occurs when plaques form between several neurons in the brain. These amyloids – protein fragments – are produced by the body itself, but they are broken into tiny fragments and eliminated when the brain is healthy; however, with Alzheimer’s, the beta amyloids turn hard and become insoluble, thereby causing the death of brain cells. A study that has been published shows that THC slows down the beta-amyloid formation, which reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

Remember that cannabis can act differently on different people. What works for others may not work for you. For instance, some people depend on marijuana to reduce stress and anxiety, but a few others may feel anxious after smoking cannabis! Therefore, do what works for you. Also, it’s recommended that you grow your own medicine at home because it’s so easy to do it!

All you need is some of the Best LED Grow Lights, fertilizers, soil, space, containers, and you’re all set. It might be intimidating if you’re a beginner but it’s far better than depending on others for your medicine. Nothing is worse than running out of cannabis when you want to smoke it, especially after a tiring day, so stop procrastinating and start growing today!

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